Egan Houseboat Rentals on the Trent Severn Waterway and Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada
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Trent Waterway and Kawartha Lakes

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Drinking Water <return to top of page>
Unlimited hot and cold lake water for the sinks and shower.
A Five gallon portable tank to refill at marinas or lock stations with tap water is provided.
Most people bring bottled water for drinking or it can be purchased along the way.
You will pass through a town every 2-3 hours cruising.

Lock Fees <return to top of page>
A government lock pass is supplied at a special reduced rate for unlimited lockage and first come basis overnight moorage (Total of $10/day). We purchase a seasons pass and divide the price among all the customers.

Dockage <return to top of page>
At the end of each lake (about every 2 or 3 hours) you pass through a small historic town to get into the next lake. These towns all have beautifully maintained lock parks for the boaters. There are restaurants, bars, antique shops, bakeries, ice cream stores, shopping, and spas. Each night you have the choice of staying in the towns or anchoring in one of the quiet bays nearby.

There is a season’s pass onboard the boat which allows you to stay for free in the towns or any lock park. We buy a season’s pass for overnight dockage. You pay Egan Marine $10 per night in advance and this allows you to dock overnight for free at any of the locks and towns (first come basis). This pass saves you approximately $40 per night of dockage fees.

There are also marinas and resorts on every lake which charge $40-60 per night for dockage.

Condition of boats <return to top of page>
Our fleet is the best maintained fleet in Ontario. We are able to keep our prices low by being fully booked each year. We have the Largest Houseboat Rental Fleet in Ontario.

Our fleet has been completely rebuilt (down to the 2x4’s) in the past 6 years. If you are comparing houseboats please call and have your questions answered. We welcome you to come to our marina and inspect the boats for yourself---then you will be convinced. We always have boats open for your inspection (See map for directions on the Contact Us page).

Generators <return to top of page>
If you stay at a marina you may plug the houseboat in to the dock and you will have 110 volt electricity (house current) in your boat. There are also110 volt outlets in all the lock station bathrooms for hair dryers etc. You may not plug in your boat at lock stations.

Our boats are designed for carefree travel. They do not need to be plugged in at night nor do you need to operate noisy generators in the evening. The boats have a dual battery system with a high output charging system from the Volvo engine. If you were to leave the lights on overnight and discharge the auxiliary battery the Volvo has a separate battery which will start the houseboat motor and recharge both batteries. The fridge, stove, barbecue, and furnace all operate on propane. Water is heated by the Volvo engine.

There is a 12 volt (like in a car) charging outlet for your computer or cell phone. Don’t forget your car charging units.
If you need a generator for other small appliances we do rent small generators-----$100 per rental. They will not operate anything with a heater coil in them---hair dryer, coffee maker etc.

Furnaces <return to top of page>
We use propane “radiant heat furnaces” which warm the boat silently (like the sun’s rays) and do not have annoying fans turning on and off all night. You do not need to plug in the boat or run a generator in the evening to have the furnace operate-----stay comfortably at an island or lock park if you wish.

Preboards <return to top of page>
Weekly rentals start Saturday 9AM or Tuesday 9AM. Midweek rentals start 9AM Tuesday. You may preboard ($99) on the night before at 7PM, have your instruction lessons, and settle in. You are able to leave at first light the next morning. If the weather is very calm and you have your lessons completed with lots of daylight left you may be able to leave the dock and anchor at the marsh up the lake for the night if you wish. (45 minute trip).

Preboards are not available on weekends because you pick up the boat at 6PM Friday evening.

We have a bonfire Friday and Monday nights with marshmallows and sparklers. Everyone is welcome.

3 Day trip <return to top of page>
To the west you could go to Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls or to Lindsay (Pigeon Lake, and Sturgeon Lake).

To the east you could go to Buckhorn and Burleigh Falls ( Pigeon Lake, Buckhorn Lake, and Lovesick Lake).

Some people never go through a lock during the weekend. They just relax, swim and fish in Pigeon Lake, Chemong Lake and Buckhorn Lake.

4 Day trip <return to top of page>
To the west you could go to Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, and Rosedale (Pigeon Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Cameron Lake, and Balsam Lake)

To the east you could see Buckhorn, Burleigh Falls, Young’s Point, and Lakefield (Pigeon Lake, Buckhorn Lake, Lovesick Lake, Stony Lake, Clear Lake, and Katchewanooka Lake)

7 Day trip <return to top of page>
To the west you could go as far as Lake Simcoe (we do not allow our boats on Lake Simcoe because of dangerous wave conditions) or to the east as far as Peterborough. Generally People go as far as the Liftlock in either direction (Peterborough or Kirkfield) and then turn around. Remember, you move as slowly or quickly as you wish------there are no timetables or reservations needed.

Boating License <return to top of page>
You do not need an Ontario boater’s license

We have excellent Coastguard Approved boating lessons when you arrive. We start by sending you a “locking through” instruction video with your confirmation. You can watch this instruction video at home.

When you arrive you will see video training, have a live chart reading lesson, then our staff will go onboard your boat and spend as long as you wish answering questions. You may request to do practice dockings around the marina with our staff for as long as you wish.

We have the best training program for houseboats available. Our training is specialized to the navigation of the Trent Waterway. We own the boats----- we want you to know how to operate them properly and safely.

You are supplied with a full set of detailed charts as well as aerial photos of the whole waterway.

Charts <return to top of page>
You are supplied with detailed charts in book form, as well as aerial photos of the whole waterway. We will have a chart reading lesson when you arrive.

Fishing Licenses <return to top of page>
There are many levels of fishing licenses available. See website (Fishing Regulations Summary , zone 17)

You can purchase licenses within a 15 minute drive from the marina or in the first town you come to by boat (3 hours cruising).

Muskellunge, large and small mouth bass, walleye pickerel, and pan fish are available.

Bait <return to top of page>
There is a good bait store 15 minutes from our marina. Bait is also available in every town along the way (every 2 or 3 hours cruising).

Age Restrictions <return to top of page>
Minimum age of 22 with a valid Driver’s License to rent a houseboat (no Ontario Boater’s License required).

Lock Hours <return to top of page>
May 16-June 19 Mon-Thurs 10AM-4PM / Fri-Sun 9AM - 7PM
June 20-June 26 Mon-Thurs 9AM-5PM / Fri-Sun 9AM - 6PM
June 27-Sept 1 Mon-Thurs 9AM-6PM / Fri-Sun + Canada Day/August Civic Holiday/Labour Day 9AM - 7PM
Sept 2-Oct13 Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM / Sat-Sun + Thanksgiving 9AM - 5PM

Three Day Weekends <return to top of page>
Are available all summer. Our normal weekend is from Friday at 6pm to Monday at 3pm

Four Day Weekend <return to top of page>
Off season we can sometimes extend the rental so that you can pick up the boat anytime Friday and bring it back Monday at 3pm---------4 days total. Generally we can have a more flexible schedule off season.

Marina Location by car: <return to top of page>
GPS location of Egan Marine is 44 21’ 08.61” N 78 31’ 35.39”W
There is a printable map on our website at “Planning Your Adventure”
We are located 1 kilometer from Emily Provincial Park, which is shown on all maps of Ontario.
We are 1 ¾ hours East of Downtown Toronto
2 hours West of Kingston
3 hours West of Ottawa
30 minutes West of Peterborough
30 minutes East of Lindsay
Toronto Airport
There is Limousine and van service from Toronto Airport to our Marina. Information at

Pets <return to top of page>
Sorry, we do not allow pets on our houseboats for sanitary and allergic reasons.

Insurance <return to top of page>
All boats are insured with a 5 million dollar liability package.
The damage deductible is $2500 which can be placed on your visa or MasterCard. If you wish, for $29 per day you can reduce the damage deposit to $300.

Drinking Laws <return to top of page>
No one on board a boat may drink alcohol while the boat is in motion (same as a car). If you wish to drink the boat must be anchored or tied up with the key out of the ignition. When the boat is moored it becomes a house not a vehicle.

Volvo Engine <return to top of page>
We use 120 hp Volvo inboard- outboard engines. These motors are the best marine engines available and are extremely reliable and very economical to operate. The average boater (600 rentals last year) used $50 of gasoline per day.
In the case of any houseboat problems we will be there to service your boat within 1 hour (8am- 5pm, 7 days a week). Most problems can be solved over the phone.

We are the only company that can offer this rapid service. You will not miss a day of your holiday. Our dedication to preventive maintenance gives us an extremely low number of service calls per year.

One Hour Service <return to top of page>
In the case of any problem with your houseboat we will be there within 1 hour to service the houseboat from 8am-5pm, seven days a week. We don’t want you to miss a day of your holidays. We are the only company that can offer this rapid service. We specialize in preventative maintenance, so we do less service calls.

Group Tours <return to top of page>
We have price reductions for larger groups. We try to be flexible in every way to accommodate your group and your schedule.

Bicycles and canoes <return to top of page>
You are welcome to bring your canoes, kayaks or bicycles. Canoes are somewhat bulky to raise and lower from the rooftop where they would be stored---- but there is lots of room on the roof.

Seasickness <return to top of page>
In 40 years of operation and 100,000 clients I have never had someone tell me that they were seasick on our houseboats. The lakes are usually calm and the houseboats do not rock and roll like full hull boats in waves. The pontoons act like outriggers to give the houseboat a very stable ride.

Width of boats <return to top of page>
The boats are either 32’ x 10’wide or 40’ x 10’wide

Boat capacity <return to top of page>
The 32’ will accommodate 1 or 2 couples or a family of up to 6 persons
The 40’ will accommodate 2 or 3 couples or two small families up to 8 persons
The 40’ with rooftop sleeper will accommodate 2 or 3 couples or 2 families with up to 8 persons in 3 separate sleeping areas. Teenagers love the rooftop sleeper.

Can we tow a boat? <return to top of page>
Seadoos, fishing boats, and small speedboats can be towed. You must take them separately through the locks and purchase a lock pass for them.

Car Parking <return to top of page>
We have free customer parking at our marina.

Wi Fi <return to top of page>
There will be no WiFi service at the lock stations this summer

Golf Courses <return to top of page>
There is a golf course on almost every lake. Our staff will show you on the charts.

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